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Predictive Analytics using Deep Learning AI

eldr.ai Deep Learning pricing structure now includes free option

Over the last year we've been researching into a different price model for eldr.ai that allows the no code AI software to gain more reach/traction and be more inclusive without compromising on quality or service.

AI use for the Metaverse

The Metaverse is likely to become a reality over the next 5 years. Artificial Intelligence will form a large component of this ultra Virtual Reality world where the goal is to have literally everything in the physical world accessible in a multidimensional digital fully absorbent experience.

One step closer to AI Self Awareness in eldr.ai

After successfully implementing fully automatic AI using eldr.ai (self building, self optimising, self evaluating, self learning and continuous improvement capability), we're one huge step closer to what we believe could be the building blocks for AI Self Awareness.

eldr.ai is now fully self-building, self-optimising, self-evaluating and self-learning continual improvement Deep Learning AI

We built eldr.ai to be as genuinely intelligent and automated as possible so that actual AI is accessible to all; not just coders, developers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning experts, and AI monopolies.

This was done so that anyone can quickly get AI up and running with no/minimal knowledge and to of course massively reduce the cost of AI implementation.

We achieved partial automation early on in eldr.ai's evolvement - a user just had to provide data, choose default settings and tell eldr's dynamic Artificial Neural Network to learn.

This is great, obviously due to the simplicity of creating extremely complex and powerful AI automatically, but secondly because it saves users pots of money and tonnes of time.

We've now made it even more automatic, and powerful - literally upload your data, and if you want, you can select "full automation" and eldr will self build, self learn, self optimise and continually get better and better.

Here's what, why and how we created true and actual Artificial Intelligence that's one click, turnkey no code AI technology.

Live Chat added to eldr.ai - human and AI chat capability

We've added a Live Chat feature to the eldr.ai website.

eldr ai is deep learning saas

eldr.ai uses AI in the form of Deep Learning Software as a Service to provide highly dynamic predictions, decisions, insights and recommendations from all your data to all your systems.

We did it - ELDR AI is released

ELDR AI is released today 12th March.

Ok, it is 2 months overdue, but that's only because of our never ending creativity and insatiable need for stress.

Ministry of Defence (MOD) to invest billions into Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence is to invest £16.5 billion over the next four years into Artificial Intelligence.

You are one step closer to getting Artificial Intelligence into your organisation

Fennaio has the expertise to get you up and running with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science in your new or existing systems, software and operations.

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