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Fennaio | privacy policy


Your privacy and security is genuinely extremely important to us

What does this privacy policy cover?

This policy relates to how we collect and use information from you, the general user of our website.

What does this privacy policy not cover?

This policy does not cover anything to do with clients and customers who pay for our products or services - these are subject to specific contract terms.

What information do we collect?

Voluntary information

If you fill out any of the forms on our website to request information, products or services, you may be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name, location and contact details) in order to receive or use our services, a response, or otherwise. All the information we ask for is essential for us to provide you with a first class service. By providing us with any data we ask for, you agree for us to use it to provide you with our services. We will only ever use your information withg respect to the products and services we offer and we will only store it as long as is reasonably necessary.

Involuntary information - cookies and other browser/browsing generated data


When you enter our site we will ask you if you are happy for us to use cookies. A cookie is a small text file placed on your browser. A cookie does not store any personal information about you.

We use cookies to:

recognise you for future visits
record website usage/interaction stats for analysis
make the browsing experience better

If you consent to the use of cookies, we won't ask you again for permission for another 30 days, and we will issue with 2 cookies

fennaio_gdpr_accept - this tells us you gave us permission to use cookies
fennaio_session - this is a tracking cookie that identifies you to us - it contains no personal information, just an alphanumeric string

A cookie will not provide us with any personal information. Therefore, if you have not supplied us with any personal information, you can still browse our site anonymously. If you do not want a cookie you can set your browser to deny it, however this will disrupt your usage of the website as the cookie banner will be displayed permanently.

IP Address and browser data

If you are connected to the Internet you will have an IP Address. The address will be automatically collected and logged as part of the connection of your computer to our web server and may be used to determine the total number of visits to each part of the site among other things. If there is a security breach the Internet Service Provider will identify the relevant IP Address and the user may be contacted. We also collect information about your browser and information about how you found our website e.g. via a search engine. This browser information is provided by your Internet Service Provider.

We specifically record:

IP address
Date and time
Page(s) visited
Browser and browser type information
Referrer e.g. Google, LinkedIn etc

How do we use your data?

We have legal obligations, under the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, to collect and store any personal information that you provide to us fairly and securely. Each time you provide us with personal information we will let you know how we intend to use it. We will hold your personal information securely and will only keep it for as long as you use the service that you have requested. We never pass any information collected from you to any outside body unless we specifically ask you first and you agree to the terms. We may from time to time use your personal or website browsing data for statistical analysis to improve our web service.

Your agreement

By using this website, you agree to this policy.


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