AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science software and system solutions for all industries

Due to the inherent dynamic nature of Artificial Intelligence; AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science are being increasingly used in almost all industries and are collectively greatly improving processes by enhancing quality, accuracy, efficiency and automation, at the same time as reducing time, cost and resource requirement.

AI is being used across the board for tasks and operations that involve predictions, forecasting, diagnosis, rapid decision making, image recognition, process optimisation, reactive planning, real time learning, data mining, automation, behavioural analysis, active risk management and big data intelligence amongst many more.

Fennaio can get AI into your operations efficiently and effectively

Whether you are just curious about the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, you're unsure where AI can fit in to your business, or you have an immediate need for AI, Machine Learning or Deep Learning, Fennaio can help you at all levels.

We are PhD qualified and highly skilled Artificial Intelligence designers, developers, practitioners and consultants with over 20 years experience as process, system and software engineers, working within multiple market sectors designing, building and implementing a range of complex software and system solutions.

Artificial Intelligence expertise for your industry

Fennaio's expertise lies in being able to work closely with clients from all market sectors to fully understand their operations and being able to rapidly ascertain where and how AI can be integrated, and importantly where it can add benefit. We can assist you on the complete AI implementation journey with AI Education, AI Strategy, AI Tooling and Development, AI Data Analytics, AI Learning, AI Visualisation, AI Integration and AI Delivery.

Below is a list of market sectors we work with. If your industry is not listed, don't worry, we will almost certainly be able to provide you with AI services, software, systems and solutions - so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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