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Careers in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

If you're innovative, driven, a team player and passionate about developing or providing world class AI software and systems solutions for and to a wide variety of clients in multiple market sectors, we'd love to hear from you. We have software, research and business career opportunities available for exceptional people.

Working at Fennaio

Fennaio is a team of passionate Artificial Intelligence Software Engineers, Machine Learning Researchers, Data Scientists and technically-minded Business professionals.

We work in close collaboration in an innovative, agile, rewarding and supportive environment to create world class off the shelf and bespoke AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning software solutions for our clients.

At our heart is a love of technology and a desire to make AI easily accessible to all companies and organisations through novel and efficient system integration and platform design.

The Fennaio Spirit

As a company we foster The Fennaio Spirit of:

Customer focus - our customers are key, and supplying them with exceptional solutions and service is priority number one

Innovation - we're naturally innovative, encouraging creativity and boundary-pushing in an agile environment

Collaboration - we're team players who make design, technical and business decisions together

Achievement - we're always looking to achieve, we celebrate our successes and respond positively to our setbacks

Support - our people are hugely important - we support the personal, technical and career development of all our colleagues

Enjoyment- there's no point doing anything unless you love what you do!

Minimum Requirements to work at Fennaio

  • For technicalroles
    - 2.1 BSc (Hons) in Science, Maths, Engineering or Computing from a reputable University, or a 2.2 with a relevant MSc
    - 5 years commercial experience in Software Development in either PHP, Node/JS or Java
    - 1 year commercial experience in Python or R
    - working knowledge of PyTorch or TensorFlow
  • For non-technicalroles
    - 2.2 BSc (Hons) in a Science or Business-related discipline from a reputable University
    - 3 years commercial experience (client or non-client facing) in a Software, Science or Engineering company
  • For allroles
    - genuine interest in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    - team player, innovative, excellent communication skills

Where you could slot in at Fennaio

If you're interested in Software Engineering our software utilises front end GUIs and sophisticated back end systems including our AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies using a variety of languages and techniques

If you're interested in AI, Machine Learning Deep Learning or Data Science Research we're always keen to push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence and create new and efficient algorithms that support our delivery and client requirements

If you're interested in the business and management side of Artificial Intelligence, we have opportunities for Scrum Masters, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Operations professionals to help drive the company forward

Benefits of working at Fennaio

  • Minimum £55k salary (salaries awarded on education level, experience and job title)
  • 25 days paid holidays/leave per year excluding public holidays
  • 35 hours a week including 1 hour lunch break a day
  • Full sick pay (up to 28 days a year)
  • Flexible working hours including WFH up to 5 days a week
  • Private medical and dental insurance
  • Company Pension Scheme
  • Health, fitness, wellbeing and social incentives and activities

Selection process to work at Fennaio

We're committed to hiring quality individuals who are both technically and personally suited to working within our talented and driven team.

Due to the scientific nature of the work we carry out we're after more than the average software developer or employee, which is why we set our requirements and selection process criteria relatively high.

Some of the work we carry out requires Security Clearance to DV level so please make sure you are eligible for this before applying.

We're not anti-recruitment agent however we will not accept unsolicited CVs and we're carrying out our own recruitment at the moment.

Stages of Selection at Fennaio

  • CV screening
  • Telephone Interview
  • Individual open-book Technical or Aptitude Test (role dependent)
  • Test debrief
  • Paired closed-book Technical or Aptitude Test (role dependent)
  • Face to face (Zoom or equivalent) Interview
  • Background checks
  • Job offer


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are relatively new fields in software development and the AI experience level among the software engineering community as a whole is quite small compared to traditional forms of development. With this is mind, we provide as much training as is required to get new team members up to speed.

Current Vacancies

All current AI jobs at Fennaio are listed below

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We're looking for top talent to join our team

Fennaio is an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning software and systems provider - we need exceptional people to help us grow and deliver quality solutions to our clients.

If you're looking for Artificial Intelligence jobs, Machine Learning jobs, Deep Learning jobs, or Data Science jobs, please send us your CV.

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