Ministry of Defence (MOD) to invest billions into Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Ministry of Defence (MOD) to invest billions into Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence is to invest £16.5 billion over the next four years into Artificial Intelligence.

It has been anticipated for a while that the MOD would have to invest heavily into AI, to keep up with the massive growth in the AI sector and to of course make use of the technology to bolster our defence capabilities in an international arena where cyber operations are absolutely key.

What will the MOD likely use AI for?

We expect the MOD to use AI extensively in almost all their key systems, especially: Cyber security, threat detection, signals, intelligence, surveillance, image recognition, big data analysis, rapid response, strategic planning, war games, autonomous vehicles, unmanned aircraft, guided weapons, warfare systems and training systems amongst key candidates.

Because of our military background, Fennaio will be offering our expertise in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning integration to the MOD in due course.


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