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What is Data Science?

Data Science is the application of scientific methods and algorithms to obtain knowledge from data. Crucially, Data Science involves specific intervention and input by e.g. statisticians and scientists as opposed to be being largely autonomous such as in some forms of Machine Learning.

For this reason Data Science is a distinct discipline from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, despite them sometimes being grouped together.

Data science-derived algorithms when used in computers to learn from become a key part of many low level Machine Learning models, therefore in some cases Data Science and Machine Learning are closely tied. In these relationships Data Science can be viewed as the algorithm while Machine Learning can be seen as the software that facilitates the algorithm in a practical way.

For higher level Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems that utilise Artificial Neural Networks, the distinction between ML/AI and Data Science is much clearer due to the fact that ANNs, such as when used in Deep Learning, are able to function with much greater autonomy and handle much more diverse types and complexities of data without the need for Data-Science derived algorithms.

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What is Data Science? - Key Points

  • Data Science involves statisticians and scientists applying algorithms and methods to data in order to extract knowledge from it
  • Data Science requires human intervention at most stages
  • Data Science algorithms are often used in low level Machine Learning systems
  • Data Science is very different to high level Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (specifically Artificial Neural Networks) which are able to make links within datasets without the use of specific statistical algorithms and with practically no need for human involvement

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