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What we do

Fennaio is an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning software and consultancy company based in the UK. We design, build and provide off-the-shelf and bespoke AI solutions for clients in all market sectors enabling them to integrate AI into their operations efficiently and seamlessly.

In a nutshell

Fennaio specialises in Artificial Intelligence Integration which in simple terms means designing, developing and linking turnkey and bespoke AI and Machine Learning software into new or existing systems.

We provide a comprehensive set of Artificial Intelligence services, software and systems to all market sectors and industries with the core aim of making AI accessible to all through effective solution design, simplified integration, and easy to digest understanding of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

We also conduct extensive independent research into AI technology, algorithms and visualisation with the sole aim of continually making our solutions more efficient and accessible to our clients as well as contributing to global understanding and utilisation of AI.

How we can help you

Fennaio is the complete AI consultancy, providing a full suite of services, software and systems. We can provide immediate assistance if.....

  • You need to integrate AI, Machine Learning or Deep Learning into your software or systems
  • You require an off the shelf turnkey AI solution with minimal configuration
  • You are after a bespoke Artificial Intelligence system to use in your business operations
  • You've heard of AI and Machine Learning but you don't know if it's suitable for you
  • You want to use AI, ML or Deep Learning in a new project or existing system but you don't know where to start
  • You have a specific task that you know AI can do such as Predictive Analytics, Pattern recognition, Anomaly Detection, Customer Analysis etc, but you don't have the technological capability
  • You need to outsource AI, ML or DL software development
  • You need general help in understanding the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence
  • You would like a demo of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning software
  • You're just curious about AI
  • You need convincing that AI and ML can add value to your business


We provide comprehensive AI and Machine Learning services ranging from strategic consultancy through to the provision of specific task-based solutions. Please click on the links below for more information:


We design, build, develop and deliver off-the-shelf and bespoke Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning software.

Fennaio software can be easily fully integrated into new or existing systems, boasts many automatic and manual configuration and optimisation features and can be accessed, administered and managed from any type of device.

Our main off the shelf turnkey software product is ELDR - a fully integrable web/network based AI software solution with a powerful AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning engine that be easily configured for use in any system, in any industry, for most purposes (bespoke functionality can be added on an individual basis) no matter how big or small or complex the data or task is. Fennaio ELDR can be administered from any device via an interactive gamified GUI fully connected dashboard.

We also carry out development of bespoke AI and Machine Learning software, no matter what the industry or task required.


Fennaio specialises in AI and Machine Learning software and systems that utilise Deep Learning, meaning our solutions are built around Artificial Neural Networks, or high level Artificial Intelligence.

ANNs are highly adaptable and can handle a near unlimited amount, type and structure of data - they are extremely accommodating and dynamic in terms of the input data they work with and the type of beneficial output they can give.

Combined with our decades' long experience as system engineers and solution architects in wide ranging markets and on diverse and numerous projects, we work with and provide AI solutions to all industries.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular industry or market sector, and how we can help.

Industries and markets we work with:


At the heart of Fennaio is a love of using AI and Machine Learning technology in the most efficient, useful and powerful way possible, in order to help our clients easily make use of, and integrate AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning into their operations.

To make sure we are constantly creating the best AI solutions, we have dedicated resource thrown into Artificial Intelligence Research, at Fennaio Labs.

Learn and Educate

Fennaio is passionate about educating people about Artificial Intelligence including discussing with companies and organisations how AI can benefit them.

We're especially keen on making AI and Machine Learning accessible to all, and a large part of that is communicating in an effective way, sticking to key points, reducing unnecessary jargon as much as possible, and being completely transparent.

Below is key information about what AI is and why you should be using it, hopefully explained in an easy-to-digest manner.

What we do - Key Points

  • Provide comprehensive AI services including software solutions, system design, integration, predictive analytics, fraud detection, image recognition, diagnostics and customer profiling amongst many more
  • Work with all market sectors and industries to develop bespoke AI and Machine Learning software and systems
  • Provide off the shelf turnkey AI, ML and DL software and systems
  • Carry out research into Artificial Intelligence technology including algorithms and visualisation
  • Educate companies and organisation about how and why to use AI, Deep Learning, Data Science and Machine Learning

Learn more

Thanks for reading about What we Do, there's more to learn below:

How Fennaio works with you at every stage of the AI and ML Integration process.

Whether you are starting out on your first AI project, just interested in the possibilities of AI or are wanting to expand your existing AI suite, we are here to help.

AI Survey & Plan

We will discuss with you where you are, where you want to be, and how we can achieve it with AI - whether by a bespoke solution or using one of our off-the-shelf products

AI Data Analysis & Preparation

We will work with you to gather, analyse and prepare all your relevant data sources for use in the AI system(s)

AI Execute & Visualisation

We will run and tune the AI throughout the AI learning process and enable the AI to produce a real time visual output to confirm the AI is producing beneficial results

AI Integration

When you are satisfied the AI is delivering the results you desire, we will integrate the AI with your new or existing systems

You are one step closer to getting Artificial Intelligence into your organisation

Fennaio has the expertise to get you up and running with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science in your new or existing systems, software and operations.

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