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Dr Andrew Fenna

Dr Andrew (Andy) Fenna is the founder of Fennaio. Andy has over 20 years design and build experience in systems and software engineering working in high tech industries including Aviation, Nuclear, Oil, Science, Military, Engineering and Financial Services.


Andy started his career in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Systems Engineer in 1999.

After gaining a First Class Honours BSc(Hons) in Biomedical Science from the University of Sheffield in 2006, Andy worked in the world of Technical Systems Consultancy in the Civil Nuclear and Defence Nuclear sectors until 2008, before being awarded a PhD in Physiology from the University of Manchester in 2012.

Andy learnt to program computers at the age of 8 on a Commodore 64, and over the last 20 years has applied these skills in a variety of market sectors on numerous complex projects, specialising in web/network based multiplatform enterprise grade software systems, using a multitude of modern software languages and techniques.

Andy moved into the world of Artificial Intelligence in 2018, self-teaching the maths behind Artificial Neural Networks before going on to programming a fully dynamic Deep Learning AI engine from scratch that can be integrated easily into new and existing systems. Following many iterations and technological research, this program eventually evolved into ELDR, Fennaio's flagship software product.

Outside work

When not working on AI, Andy can be found in the gym most evenings, up a mountain with a loaded Bergen most weekends, or running around a reservoir with wife Ali.

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How Fennaio works with you at every stage of the AI and ML Integration process.

Whether you are starting out on your first AI project, just interested in the possibilities of AI or are wanting to expand your existing AI suite, we are here to help.

AI Survey & Plan

We will discuss with you where you are, where you want to be, and how we can achieve it with AI - whether by a bespoke solution or using one of our off-the-shelf products

AI Data Analysis & Preparation

We will work with you to gather, analyse and prepare all your relevant data sources for use in the AI system(s)

AI Execute & Visualisation

We will run and tune the AI throughout the AI learning process and enable the AI to produce a real time visual output to confirm the AI is producing beneficial results

AI Integration

When you are satisfied the AI is delivering the results you desire, we will integrate the AI with your new or existing systems

You are one step closer to getting Artificial Intelligence into your organisation

Fennaio has the expertise to get you up and running with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science in your new or existing systems, software and operations.

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