We did it - ELDR AI is released

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We did it - ELDR AI is released

ELDR AI is released today 12th March.

Ok, it is 2 months overdue, but that's only because of our never ending creativity and insatiable need for stress.

Delighted to announce the release of our flagship Artificial Intelligence software, eldr.

After initial concept 18 months ago, 12 months of research and 6 months of development we have created something quite special.

eldr makes powerful AI incredibly easy and usable by anyone, within minutes.

We delivered on our brief:

- Allow AI to be up and running anywhere within a matter of minutes
- Easy to use
- No programming/AI/Machine Learning knowledge needed
- Can be used and integrated in any industry, app, system, process or scenario
- Produce accurate and valuable decisions, predictions, recommendations and insights near-instantly in any process and way-point it is deployed in
- Accessed standalone by any device, any network, or integrated directly into systems, organisation-wide via API
- Use the most powerful form of AI: dynamic and configurable Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning
- Handle any type of data thrown at it, easily

To find out more please have a look at

Many thanks to everyone who supported this project, the fantastic developers involved, the backers, partners and loved ones. Absolute pleasure and a huge achievement.


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