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Communicating the benefits of AI to non-tech end users

After some interesting feedback from the girls and boys at www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk it's become apparent that communicating AI to the people who will benefit from it might not be as straightforward as first thought.

AI explainer videos to be released shortly

We're going to be releasing some explainer videos on the eldr.ai YouTube channel to describe the key functions of AI.

AI Recommendation Engine Integration

AI Recommendation Engines are powerful and common uses of AI. They are able to learn from all customer data and work out accurately what products particular customers may be interested in based on the behaviour and demographic of other customers. How a real AI Recommendation Engine/ Recommendation System (Recsys) works is different to how you might think - if you're used to traditional software techniques. It uses some sophisticated maths that are actually interesting, using three dimensional mappings as opposed to tonnes of database calls and bog standard code. Here I discuss how it all works.

You are one step closer to getting Artificial Intelligence into your organisation

Fennaio has the expertise to get you up and running with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science in your new or existing systems, software and operations.

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