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AI use in the Emergency Services

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Diagnosing heart disease, cancer and other medical conditions using AI

Predicting crime using AI - Minority Report comes true

Every time I tell people that eldr.ai can be used to predict crime, the immediate response is "minority report!" and rightly so there is some scepticism there, but AI can now genuinely be used to predict and prevent crime. Perhaps not as glammed up as Minority Report is and it certainly can't visualise the future, but it can definitely predict crime. Here I show how it does it.

How to easily create and integrate an AI chatbot on your website or systems

Chatbots are being increasingly used by companies and organisations externally on websites and internally to handle support calls. Here I show how you can easily create your own AI chatbot, specific to your operations, yet dynamic enough to respond to a wide variety of questions.

Natural Language Processing NLP on both sides of an Artificial Neural Network using Deep Learning

We've been experimenting with using eldr AI for NLP on the input side, output side, and both sides of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) using various settings including Softmax and Cross Entropy. Here I talk about these fascinating results.

How Customer Churn in AI works

Customer Churn is becoming one of the common uses of AI. Customer Churn is essentially Customer Retention Analysis - that is the ability to know how likely a customer is to remain with you during initial contact/browsing, following a purchase, and/or long term or permanently. Knowing or accurately predicting whether a customer will buy products or services off you at every stage (from their first visit to your store or website, or as they use your services) is absolutely key to modifying your behaviour, appeal and incentives to that particular customer in order to maximise sales and promote growth.

AI in the NHS to improve patient journey and outcome

When a patient first presents at the NHS - generally either through a GP or Accident and Emergency, their correct journey through treatment and services is absolutely essential for a successful therapeutic outcome, as well as for the NHS to provide their services within time and budget. Generally the patient journey involves Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, Referrals, Second Opinion and Private Options, in various orders.

Using AI to improve Professional Sport

AI is being used in almost all industries. One industry or use that many people might not be aware of is in professional sport. Using AI in professional sport such as football including the Premier League and motor racing such Formula 1 can massively improve efficiency at all levels, ultimately promoting more wins.

You are one step closer to getting Artificial Intelligence into your organisation

Fennaio has the expertise to get you up and running with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science in your new or existing systems, software and operations.

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