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28-10-2021 Deep Learning pricing structure now includes free option

Over the last year we've been researching into a different price model for that allows the no code AI software to gain more reach/traction and be more inclusive without compromising on quality or service.

Through some nifty automation and server management, we're now able to offer a free version of our automated Deep Learning AI software as well as two other tiers to reflect our strategy.

Part of our company ethos is to allow AI to be used by all, and part of this means reducing the cost.

Below is our new pricing strategy for Eldr AI in 2021.

Free - £0 per month

Single User
Perfect to get to know eldr AI
Up to 5 Deep Learning AI Models
Up to 12 hours AI Training Time/Month
1,000 Predictions/Month
100MB of Storage
SaaS Cloud Hosting
Standard Size Server
Email and Live Chat Support

Standard - £9.75 per month

Up to 10 Users
Perfect turnkey AI solution for any organisation
Unlimited AI Models
Up to 5 Days Training Time per User per Month
Up to 1,000,000 Predictions per User per Month
5GB of Storage per User
SaaS Cloud Hosting
Extra Large Server
Email, Live Chat and Phone Support
API exposure

Enterprise - £contract specific

Unlimited Users
Perfect for large-scale operations where AI can add massive value in all processes
Unlimited Deep Learning AI Models
Unlimited Training Time
Unlimited Predictions
Unlimited Storage
SaaS Cloud /Internal Hosting
XXL Dedicated Server(s)
Priority Email, Live Chat and Phone Support
Dedicated Account andTechnical Manager
Data preparation help
Bespoke AI/Software Development
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